Man Utd ‘forced the Germans’ to accept £110m instead of £50m

‘MANCHESTER UNITED are close to landing Jadon Sancho in a record £110million deal.’

Sounds about right. That’s what everyone else was going with on Monday evening. Do continue…

‘But United will not be bullied into meeting next Monday’s deadline set by Borussia Dortmund to sign the English superstar, 20.’

They won’t be ‘bullied’ into meeting a deadline…but might do anyway. That’s very ‘I’m doing this because I want to, not because I’ve been told to’.

They won’t be ‘bullied’ but they are actual children.

‘There has been a breakthrough in negotiations as the Red Devils have forced the Germans into accepting staggered payments, with £70m up front.’

Christ, Neil. It’s a football transfer, not bloody war reparations. They haven’t ‘forced the Germans’ to do anything. They have come to a mutual agreement that benefits both clubs: United can report the deal at the initial fee and Dortmund will point to the overall potential figure. Everybody wins. So why are we pretending that one of the sides is losing out in any way here?

‘There was no way United were going to pay the initial demand of £110m in one go for someone so young.’

It has nothing to do with Sancho’s age. There was no way United were going to pay the initial demand of £110m in one go because that is barely ever how transfers actually work. The fee is paid in instalments all the time, especially when the numbers are so high.

Plus it was reported by Sky Sports in June that United ‘will not pay more than £50m’ for Sancho as an overall fee. And there was no way Dortmund were going to accept that. So have United been ‘forced’ to up their bid to more than twice that amount by a club refusing to be ‘bullied’? Or is this just a very natural byproduct of negotiating and public posturing?

Still, if it makes you happy to deploy such bizarre language about a club with the third-highest revenue in the entire world breaking the British transfer record but not being ‘bullied’ by a considerably poorer team, go for it. But the only thing that sounds ‘forced’ around here is your belief that the big, bad, old Manchester United is back.

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